Running Wild

I started running about two years ago, after years of unsuccessful attempts. Myself and my friends would meet up armed with bottles of water, The Goal to run a full lap of Punchestown racecourse (approx 5miles). Id say we would usually run for about five minutes before we had the first drop out. Then one by one we would all follow…in support of course! It was an unwritten code dont leave a girl behind. We would usually then walk the course chatting and laughing. It wasn’t the best workout but it was definitely lots of fun.

So two years ago when I moved to Toronto a friend I worked with introduced me to real running! I wont lie it took me some time to get used to it. The first few attempts I could keep up with The Pro for about my usual five minutes, then I would be trailing miles behind! After ten minutes my body usually gave up, I could be found standing on the street in downtown Toronto my entire face covered red with white blotches gasping for breath in disillusionment that she wasn’t stopping.

The early days were tough and my body would ache after. I could be seen regularly walking around the office like a John Wayne impersonator. But every run would become a little easier and every week that passed I could run a little further. I started with 1 mile twice a week and slowly ran further and further over time! Now myself & my new running buddy run about 5 to 6 miles two to three times a week.


Half way point - 3miles


The feeling of satisfaction after you finish is great and I’d be lying if I said that the weight loss and toning also didn’t help me stay motivated.

When your body is good shape you definitely feel more confident and happy.

See some of my running tips below;

  1. Buy a good pair of running shoes – I love Nike Plus. I sync up my iPod so I know exactly how far & how long I’ve run. How many calories I burned & Lance Armstrong congratulates me when I run my fastest mile.
  2. Find yourself a running buddy – you may not run side by side but you will be more likely to go if you have arranged to meet someone.
  3. Plan out your run on a route that is interesting – long straight roads can be boring & demotivating
  4. Arm yourself with some good music – design a play list. I love to listen to AC/DC
  5. Motivate yourself by setting reasonable targets – its better to build it up slowly than over-doing it & giving up.
  6. When possible run on grass – running on concrete or other hard surfaces can be tough on your shins
  7. Stretch

Want to know more or running isn’t your thing, check out Womens Health Magazine for lots more workouts & advise.

Best of luck for all you starters, you can do it!….Any experienced runners please post some of your tips.


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