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The Carry-On Challenge

Proficient Packing – not a phrase you would normally associate with me…after all I am the girl who left for a year trip around Australia with a rucksack, which I packed under the influence of alcohol…an hour before I left for the airport!

However I like to think that over the years my wisdom of worldly travel has advanced, so much so that I now consider myself a Proficient Packer! So much so that I have undertaken the ultimate packing challenge…5 days & a wedding outfit all in a carry on! I have two days at home in Ireland & then 3 days in France for the wedding & let me tell you, I ain’t running the risk of losing my bag…na hah not gonna happen!

This project calls on all my skills & my lessons learned from previous disasters!

Obviously the wedding outfit had to go in neatly with the clutch bag, shawl & shoes I guess I saved some space by putting the jewelry into the clutch bag!

So here it goes;

1. Outfit planning – pick a colour theme & a outfit staple. Mine….no surprise is black….skinny jeans & my shoe love..knee high Boots(which have a tiny heel very practical) I’m also wearing them on the plane to save space.

2. For a brand new outfit for each day I packed some accessories Scarves, jewelry, belts & a combo of cami/tanks/long sleeve tops (rolled take up little to no space used). Also I added a pair of ballerina flats & gladiator flat scandals again light, small & add variety.

Here are the some of necklace choices…which ones to bring??

3. Necessities; Black leather bolero type jacket, light but still a jacket all the same! Charger for my phone (personal), blackberry (work), camera!

4. Cosmetics – ok so we all know they weigh the most! I always keep samples & testers, rob my hotel supply whenever I get the chance! For those special items like my leave in hair treatment I have the reusable containers all less than 100mls and they come with labels!

5. Roll clothes that you can! Put items in your shoes leave no space empty! To make more room available for point 2

6. I am also wearing a hoody and I have a woolly pair of socks in my hand-bag for the flight.

Of course I had to sacrifice some items in the name of space-saving!! But I think in the end my choices will be for every scenario…I hope!! No going back now as I’m on the way to the airport!! 🙂

Let me know your traveling tips!


Saturday Night Sushi

After a few “quiet” drinks with friends on Friday night, turned into a mini pub crawl followed by after pub drinks on their front porch at 3am! My Saturday was needless to say pretty much a write-off! No way were either of us able to cook.

So in our hung-over state myself and my boyfriend went out to HoSu Sushi on Queen St for diner. I love this casual bistro, it’s always busy & has a warm welcoming atmosphere. Each time I go I make sure to try something new. As they also specialize in Japanese & Korean cuisine, there is so much to choose from. I decided to go with Dolsot Beef Bibim Bop & a California roll to share with the boyf. While he went with a Sushi & Sashimi combination.

Both meals were yummy & true to form our eyes were bigger than our bellies & too much was ordered but as I always say waste not want not! I brought home my left-over Beef Bibim Bop home &  we enjoyed it today.

We finished off our night with a quick pit-stop to Wanda’s Cafe, where my boyfriend managed to take a sneaky pic.

Something Blue

I am a big fan of clutch handbags, with the right one in your hand you can complete any outfit, such as this stunning Rory Collection Silk Lining in Victorian rose clutch by FIAZCO . I love the contrast of colours between the robin egg blue & the red flower detail. Genius!

It’s officially added to my ever growing wish list.

The Creative Cook

Lucky for me my boyfriend loves to cook, and you will hear no complaints from me! Don’t get me wrong I can cook & sometimes I even enjoy it……but for me to get into the kitchen & cook something special, the conditions need to be right!

For me to cook I need,

1. Time
2. A clean kitchen
3. All the necessary ingredients & utensils must be right at hand (no last minute trip to the shop involved)

Creative Cooking - "Whatever is left in the fridge"

I can go into the kitchen in search for something to cook for  diner, and unsuccessfully announce that there is nothing there “Presses are empty…we need to go to the shop”. My boyfriend on the other-hand can walk into the very same kitchen (that has little to no food) & come out with a beautiful tasty meal cooked in no time!  He is a creative cook and tonight he didn’t disappoint. He made a beautiful diner called “Whatever is left in the fridge” AKA Chicken & Rasher/Bacon with egg fried rice (which was our left-over rice)….creative & resourceful!

Happy Arthur Guinness Day

Today September 23rd is Arthur Guinness Day, 251 years ago today Arthur Guinness signed the 9000 year lease at James Gate Dublin (The home of Guinness). To honour the Irish hero Arthur, the historic day & famous Pint parties have been set up world-wide to celebrate! Without a shadow of a doubt I know that the partying in Ireland today/tonight will not be matched in any other location.

Pubs across the country organised a Toast at 17.59 exactly followed by live music & lots & lots of Guinness.  Top musical acts such as The Script, Snow Patrol & Paolo Nutini performing to mark the occasion. The icing on the cake/or the creamy head on your Guinness is that all money raised will go to the Arthur Guinness Fund. There has even been talk of trying to make Arthur Guinness Day an national holiday & you will hear no complaints from me!

The Script - Dublin

Today my facebook news feed page is awash with celebration plans from family & friends the length & breath of the country! It’s one of those days I wish I was at home. But we played our part too this side of the Atlantic…myself and my boyfriend went to our local Irish Bar (downtown Toronto) & although they hadn’t heard about Arthur Guinness day they kindly gave us a pint each on the house to Toast!

So here’s to Arthur & many more years of the Black Stuff!

Check out (here) for more details on the days events & the story of Arthur Guinness

Moon Cake in the Sky

One of the many reasons I love living and working in a city like Toronto is because it is multicultural defined.  In my office alone we have many countries from all around the globe represented…Canada (of course), China, Russia, Korea, Serbia, Ireland, Italy, Israel & Australia. I am a very proud Irish woman and I love to share  Irish culture & traditions with all my work colleagues.

In turn it’s also great to learn about their cultures too. I was thrilled when one of my team mates from China gave me these Moon Cakes as a gift for the Moon Festival also known as Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of September, when the moon at its fullest and roundest. The traditional food of this festival is the Moon Cake. So to celebrate The Moon Festival myself and my boyfriend enjoyed our Moon Cake with another Chinese tradition a cup of Tea

Happy Moon Festival everyone

Black on the Red Carpet

Black Leather Jacket, Skinny Jeans & Scarf Urban Outfitters
Black Clutch Bag – Marc Jacobs, Knee High Leather Boots – Browns

Here`s a funny picture my boyfriend took on my birthday night, as we were walking home from diner we noticed the red carpet & press walk for the Toronto International Film Festival was still standing! So needless to say I couldn’t resist jumping on to get a snap!

It was actually the first time this season I wore my black knee high boots, which I love love love so I am glad they got the star treatment….even if it was only for a few minutes!