Classic Casablanca

Fresh Air Cinema in association with Toronto International Film Festival have been airing free movies every Wednesday night over the summer. Last night was the grand finale and what a way to close the curtain with the Classic Casablanca.

For years I have been dying to go to an outdoor cinema and so last night myself and my boyfriend made ourselves a big bag of popcorn, picked up some ice-cream and headed down to the Roy Thompson Hall to find ourselves a seat on the grass.

We are not usually the sentimental types but once Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman lit up the big screen it was hard not to feel Romance in the air. It was a perfect summer night and not a breeze to be felt with couples and friends cuddled up on their blankets under the city lights.

For anyone who hasn’t watched a movie in an outdoor summer setting I highly recommend it check out Fresh Air Cinema and for  anyone who hasn’t yet seen Casablanca or if you haven’t watched it for quite sometime, I advise you to watch it soon, a timeless classic…”Here’s looking at you kid”


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