Teenage Paparazzo

I went to the screening of the new Adrian Grenier documentary film, Teenage Paparazzo. I must admit that from the moment I bought the tickets for myself & my friends my thoughts and excitement for the event was purely focused on seeing and hopefully meeting the beautiful Grenier. Don’t judge…I am woman after all!

As myself and my two friends took our seats at the Isabel Bader Theatre we noted it was a full house, the crowd was a mix of film students, female Grenier fans and male Vince fan’s (Adrian’s character in the HBO Entourage series……what guy wouldn’t want to live Vincent Chase’s life?).

Adrian Introducing the film

The film starts out following Austin Visschedyk, a fourteen year old paparazzo who caught Adrian’s attention while he snapped his pic. As the film develops it explores the relationships between the paparazzi &  celebrities in our media hungry world.

Grenier does a great job of showing us all sides to the story that is the obsession of taking a celebrity picture. He gives us an unbiased look into each world & speaks with with experts in each field such as Noam Chomsky, Brad Elterma, Alec Baldwin & Paris Hilton.

As the film unfolds it takes us on a unexpected journey. Myself and my two friends really enjoyed it. I don’t want to spoil the film for you, because I highly recommend you watch it for yourself. To find a screening near you. Check out  http://www.teenagepaparazzo.com/screenings

The pictures below are taken of the Q&A after the film, it was evidently clear that Grenier is very committed, passionate & proud of the documentary and so he should be. I am looking forward to his next project.

Q & A

Q & A

Adrian answers questions from the floor


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