Birthday Indulgence Part Deux – The Massacre!

It was a strange first for me this morning, instead of waking with my usual post birthday nightmare alcohol fueled hangover I woke with a Food Hangover – I never thought it possible but my poor stomach feels like it has dramatically expanded overnight. Lose fitting comfy clothes an necessity today!

Ok so my Birthday Indulgence is where it all started and like any good foodoholic we persevered and kept the binge going all night! We went to Big Daddy’s Oyster bar on King St, it is unassuming from the outside.

Big Daddy's

Inside it’s decor is right from the south, as we arrived so late the dinning room was closed we took a seat in the bar in big armchairs by the fire nice cosy on a rainy nite!


Of course Oysters are the specialty however we went with the 3 – Course Lagniappe Feature Menu…bring on the challenge! Like most ladies I love choice so I always suggest myself & my boyfriend each choose a dish & share, he does not always agree but  as it was my birthday I heard no complaints 🙂


We had Pei Mussels & Popcorn Shrimp to start


Popcorn Shrimp

Demolished Mussels


Wild Shrimp Boil &  Snow Crab Boil

Snow Crab & Wild Shrimp Boil


We had Big Daddy’s Pecan Pie & Villa Ice-cream with warm chocloate sauce… tasty

Big Daddy's Pecan Pie

We were really impressed with Big Daddy’s & will definitely be back for more…as soon as we’ve digested the birthday damage that is


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