Saturday Night Sushi

After a few “quiet” drinks with friends on Friday night, turned into a mini pub crawl followed by after pub drinks on their front porch at 3am! My Saturday was needless to say pretty much a write-off! No way were either of us able to cook.

So in our hung-over state myself and my boyfriend went out to HoSu Sushi on Queen St for diner. I love this casual bistro, it’s always busy & has a warm welcoming atmosphere. Each time I go I make sure to try something new. As they also specialize in Japanese & Korean cuisine, there is so much to choose from. I decided to go with Dolsot Beef Bibim Bop & a California roll to share with the boyf. While he went with a Sushi & Sashimi combination.

Both meals were yummy & true to form our eyes were bigger than our bellies & too much was ordered but as I always say waste not want not! I brought home my left-over Beef Bibim Bop home &  we enjoyed it today.

We finished off our night with a quick pit-stop to Wanda’s Cafe, where my boyfriend managed to take a sneaky pic.


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