The Results are In

French Breakfast in Auch (Hat & cardigan – Urban Outfitters, Tank & fringe handbag H&M, Denim skirt – Zara, Silver Bracelet & Necklace – Gift)

So I’m back from my whirlwind trip, from Toronto – Frankfurt – Ireland – France – Frankfurt – Toronto. My body is certainly feeling the effects of the travel, I have a new found respect for the contestants on “The Amazing Race”! Every minute of the journey was worth it & I promise to fill you all in with posts to follow, but first the results from The Carry on Challenge.

The Pros; No waiting for baggage, no extra baggage cost, all outfits are already picked so no time wasting, no lost baggage!

The Cons; Lugging the case around, sacrificing some outfits

The Key to Success; planning ahead,  using the black colour theme as a base,accessories & finally…booking a hair appointment  (my broken French & hand signals seemed to do the trick, as the very talented french hairdresser did a great job)

Overall Verdict – Success!

Lot’s of outfits to choose from & my wedding outfit arrived safely in one piece.

Me & The Girlies with the Fabulous Bride – (My dress – Whistles, Shoes – Aldo, Silver Bracelet – John Rocha)


One response to “The Results are In

  1. Sharon McAllister

    What an amazing weekend we had and as for you Miss Whyte a fantastic effort with all the travelling you had to occur!! Hope your coming around ok now!

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