Fabulous French Wedding

After a lot going back & forth………& then back & forth again, I finally made the very  last minute decision to travel to France for my friends wedding & I’m so delighted that I did, it was such a wonderful day…..

My Highlights; The French Ceremony, 1975 Vintage Citroen Car, Champagne Reception, Lot`s of laughs shared with friends & guests, Yummy local food accompanied with lot`s of French White wine, Homemade Wedding Cake, The Favors – Whiskey for the Gents & flip flops for the Ladies (they got great use on the dance-floor), The Reception Setting – the trees  draped with fairy lights, rugs & lights covered the courtyard underneath to make the dance-floor, great music – we barely left the floor all night!  The friendly crew from Chateau de Lartigolle & last but not least  – The Happy Groom & The Beautiful Bride – who wore big smiles all day long & gave us all a Fabulous French Wedding – Merci Beaucoup x

The Venue; Chateau de Lartigolle


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