What a Weekend

Well folks….what a weekend it’s been! We had an absolute ball with our visitors & we’re sorry that it’s all come to an end as they headed back to Ireland today.

The Highlights;
Big brekkies’s  – Tasting the famous Icewine at the Inniskillin winery – The beautiful Autumn/Fall colours in the town of Niagara on the Lake – Niagara Falls lit up at night & exploring the tunnels behind the Falls –  Trip to Kensington Market – Diner in the CN Tower – Catching a Toronto Marlies Hockey game (plenty of action on & off the Ice, passionate fans liked to make sure the Ref was doing his job correctly) – Drinks at The Hideout to see The Beggars perform live (& they played AC/DC Back in Black as we requested!) – Shopping (Outfit posts coming soon)


2 responses to “What a Weekend

  1. sounds brilliant thanks for sharing xxxx

  2. We went to Niagara-on-the-lake two years ago!!! That is so funny! The horse drawn carriages looked exactly the same then 🙂 It was our pitstop on our way from Canada to Boston…

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