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Wardrobe Transition

High Waisted Shorts & Blouse – Zara, Shoes – Nine West, Bracelets – Aldo, Headband – Urban Outfitter, Ring – Forever 21

Following on from my post Sequins on Saturday – I decided it was time to do a Autumn/Fall clean up of my wardrobe. I wouldn’t class myself as a hoarder by any means but let’s just say I don’t part easily with my clothes! So as you can imagine I spent most of yesterday evening sorting through clothes, shoes, bags, belts & lots of other hidden items at the back of my closet….

I organised everything into 3 categories
1. Keepers
2. Charity
3. Summer clothes for storage

By the time I was finished my wardrobe was completely made-over! I’ve lots of free space for new pieces & I didn’t waste anytime hitting the shops……my fav finds are these high waisted shorts & 70’s style blouse from Zara

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Sequins on Saturday

Sequin Jacket – Silence & Noise, Shoes & Top – Zara, Jeans & Fedora – Urban Outfitters, Ring – Forever 21, Bracelets – Gifts

I could describe myself as a Magpie – in that I like anything that sparkles! Needless to say when the Sun made a welcomed appearance this weekend I pulled out this Silver Sequin Jacket, it has been hidden in the depths of my wardrobe….I should clarify when I say hidden – not because of my large Carrie-esque wardrobe – but more like the fact I live in a small downtown condo & just as downtown realty is in demand so is every inch of my wardrobe! So from time to time some of my clothes go MIA!…..But now that this Sequin Jacket has made The Great Escape, I’m determined to wear it more often

Gingered Carrot & Butternut Squash Soup

There is something about Homemade soup that is so comforting,  after a rainy day with power cuts across the city today was the perfect day to make a batch.

Inspired by the orange & yellow colours from Emily’s post on Cupcakes and Cashmere today I decided to go with one of my fav’s  Gingered Carrot & Butternut Squash (Recipe here). I flicked on the movie Incendiary Blonde…poured a glass of wine & began the soup making. I wanted to make some Irish Brown Bread also, but the local shop ran out of Butter-Milk, so I picked up a wheat baguette instead. I’ll bake & post the recipe for Irish Brown Bread soon because it’s too good not to share.

I was very impressed with the soup, it turned out yummy & by the time I finished cooking downtown’s power was fully restored – All in all a successful evening!

Rain Rain Go Away

Well it’s started & there’s no sign of stopping, it has been raining for hours now. Rain – a well known enemy for most women out there, especially for me as I live downtown…hence I’m car-less, & as I’m car-less I walk everywhere…so there’s no escape !

To prevent myself from turning into one soggy & fuzz-haired gal, I need to arm myself with all outerwear essentials to keep me warm, dry & of course protect mo gruaig (Irish meaning – My hair).

Outerwear Essentials;
Mango – Trench Coat Chooka –Rain Boots H&M – Fedora Urban Outfitters – Clear Bubble Umbrella

Fabulous French Wedding

After a lot going back & forth………& then back & forth again, I finally made the very  last minute decision to travel to France for my friends wedding & I’m so delighted that I did, it was such a wonderful day…..

My Highlights; The French Ceremony, 1975 Vintage Citroen Car, Champagne Reception, Lot`s of laughs shared with friends & guests, Yummy local food accompanied with lot`s of French White wine, Homemade Wedding Cake, The Favors – Whiskey for the Gents & flip flops for the Ladies (they got great use on the dance-floor), The Reception Setting – the trees  draped with fairy lights, rugs & lights covered the courtyard underneath to make the dance-floor, great music – we barely left the floor all night!  The friendly crew from Chateau de Lartigolle & last but not least  – The Happy Groom & The Beautiful Bride – who wore big smiles all day long & gave us all a Fabulous French Wedding – Merci Beaucoup x

The Venue; Chateau de Lartigolle

New Shoe Love

Yesterday I took a wander down Queen St for some breakfast – one thing led to another & all of a sudden I was Shopping! I should have known better, walking by Urban Outfitters, H&M & Zara & not stopping in for a browse is simply impossible. However I think it worked out pretty well, I found these Black Platform Sandals in Zara & the best part – they were On Sale….How I love to get a bargain
Hat – Urban Outfitters, Dress – H&M, Knee Socks – Avoca

Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Friday couldn’t have come any sooner……it was so nice to wrap a long work week with a few beers on the patio of Hey Lucy’s. Who knew it would hit 21 degrees this Thanksgiving weekend.

This will be our 3rd Thanksgiving in Canada, myself & my boyfriend are planning on marking the occasion by attempting to cook up a proper Thanksgiving dinner – Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Pumpkin Pie…the works.

Let’s hope us Irish can pull it off!

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever your plans & Happy Thanks Giving to all the Canadians out there