Perfect Little Parcels

The contents of our post box is usually pretty uneventful just the usual junk mail, bills & catalogue magazines, the kind of stuff that ends up going straight into the recycling bin…..To my surprise last week was an exception, I found our mail box packed full of treats that made my week!

Wedding Thank You cards from Our Friends

My Urban Outfitters Package – I saw these Antique Door Knobs ages ago in the Queen St shop & since then I regretted not purchasing them. When I saw them online & for sale I couldn’t resist.
I haven’t yet decided whether to use them for hanging my jewelery or as curtain tie-backs in the bedroom….either way I’m so happy to finally have them.

I added these beautiful earrings to my UO order & I wore them this weekend

My 2nd Controller for the Wii finally arrived – my boyfriend & I can now play against each other……let the games begin!!


10 responses to “Perfect Little Parcels

  1. Those Urban knobs are absolutely GORGEOUS! Get more and use them for both purposes, please! And loving the earrings as well.
    xo Josie

  2. Love everything! : ) xx

  3. oooh fabulous thanks for sharing xxxxx

  4. These antique door knobs are gorgeous!! I want them for my place!


  5. Loving those door knobs!! How unique! Thanks for sharing!:) Following your blog btw, so cool!:)


    Molly Jane

    PS. Stop back by and follow me if you want!:)

  6. really like your new purchases. and at uo- i always find lots of things i want- clothes, home decor or books.. i really love the versatility they provide.
    thanks a lot for stopping by.- so i could find you.
    take care

  7. The earrings are so amazing and beautiful!! xoxoxoxo

  8. Those door handles area AMAZING! I love them!

  9. Those antique door knobs are amazing! Great find! Get ready for the wii competition! By the way… you totally rocked those leather pants!

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