If I was a Rich Girl

I’m guessing you all know from previous posts that I love sequins & I absolutely love leather & so as Gwen Stefani’s song goes “If I was a rich girl….la la la la la” this weekend I would be wearing this glam rock outfit……
Glam Rock
I put together using Polyvore & for anyone lucky enough to purchase these beauties, the details can be found here – Glam Rock by em_mai featuring leather shorts


26 responses to “If I was a Rich Girl

  1. I LOVE those black booties! So chic.
    xo Josie

  2. Love the boots and the sequins! xxx

  3. Great picks! I love how you styled the sequined top and leather shorts!


  4. Oh. my. god. I adore this outfit! You are surely going to look so glam rock!!

  5. Love this look! Especially the leather shorts and the sequin shirt…so cool!

  6. Totally love sequins! Loving this look.

    P.S Just posted my first giveaway!


  7. oh yes, I need that whole look!!

  8. OMG, i’m also a sucker for sequins and sparkles! Love these picks doll.

    Thanks for stopping by lovely, see you soon!

  9. I just want that gorgeous sequinned top! wow.


  10. mmm wouldn’t mind receiving some of that stuff either 🙂 love it!

  11. LOVE this outfit! perfect! but the top is my favorite!!!

    i wish i a was a rich girl. sadly i am very far from it! lol

  12. If only I were a rich girl. I’d get me some of those adorable booties. And that clutch. And the bling. And and…

  13. That gold top is effing gorgeous, so perfect for the holidays!

  14. i also want the clutch and the sequins sweater! lovely!


  15. great set! love that jumper and pursue.xx

  16. Outfit choice is deffo something I’d be seen sporting 🙂 now have this song in my head for hours ! xxx

  17. I’ll def rock all of your picks 🙂


  18. yes, i love!!! i did try a sparkly top up to me a few days ago and IDK…

  19. those black booties are beyond hot. You have a fabulous blog and I am now following.


  20. hi darling. thanks for stopping by,- what a nice look- i want that sequin sweater. and them shorts too.
    hope you’re having a wonderful weekend
    take care


  21. these are great pieces! i love the leather shorts!

  22. thankfully you don’t have to be a rich girl to dress in pieces like this! These can all be found elsewhere, I’m sure of it 🙂 I love how you put these together a knock-out outfit for sure!

  23. This only makes me want leather shorts even MORE!

  24. Thanks for your comment! I’d wear this whole outfit in a flash! That sequined top is darling!

    P.S: I’m holding a giveaway and would love it if you entered!

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