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Fabulous French Wedding

After a lot going back & forth………& then back & forth again, I finally made the very  last minute decision to travel to France for my friends wedding & I’m so delighted that I did, it was such a wonderful day…..

My Highlights; The French Ceremony, 1975 Vintage Citroen Car, Champagne Reception, Lot`s of laughs shared with friends & guests, Yummy local food accompanied with lot`s of French White wine, Homemade Wedding Cake, The Favors – Whiskey for the Gents & flip flops for the Ladies (they got great use on the dance-floor), The Reception Setting – the trees  draped with fairy lights, rugs & lights covered the courtyard underneath to make the dance-floor, great music – we barely left the floor all night!  The friendly crew from Chateau de Lartigolle & last but not least  – The Happy Groom & The Beautiful Bride – who wore big smiles all day long & gave us all a Fabulous French Wedding – Merci Beaucoup x

The Venue; Chateau de Lartigolle


Trip Home to Ireland

Here are some of the highlights & photos from my trip home to Ireland . It was short & sweet and as always I wished I could of stayed longer! 

The Highlights;
Catching up with my family & friends, taking my dogs for a walk, an open fire, mams home cooked food, hot water bottle & daytime naps, lot’s & lot’s of Barry’s Tea, Irish TV with little to no ad breaks (commercials for any Canadians), mams fresh flowers & belated bday gifts……

Some Photos

Irish Sky Reflects on the Irish Sea

Flying into Dublin – My first glimpse of the Emerald Isle

My Mams Beautiful Roses & Fruit from my Aunts Garden

Ruby & Misty – Tuckered out after their long walk

Coco – The young one still full of energy, intrigued by the camera

Moon Cake in the Sky

One of the many reasons I love living and working in a city like Toronto is because it is multicultural defined.  In my office alone we have many countries from all around the globe represented…Canada (of course), China, Russia, Korea, Serbia, Ireland, Italy, Israel & Australia. I am a very proud Irish woman and I love to share  Irish culture & traditions with all my work colleagues.

In turn it’s also great to learn about their cultures too. I was thrilled when one of my team mates from China gave me these Moon Cakes as a gift for the Moon Festival also known as Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of September, when the moon at its fullest and roundest. The traditional food of this festival is the Moon Cake. So to celebrate The Moon Festival myself and my boyfriend enjoyed our Moon Cake with another Chinese tradition a cup of Tea

Happy Moon Festival everyone

Birthday Indulgence

Asides from Christmas there’s no better day to indulge than your birthday! Today was pretty much a non stop binge-fest. It started early my boyfriend cooked up a full Irish breakfast…….no better way to start the day.

The full Irish

After we spent a few hours playing with my new gift the Wii, it was on to Queen St for a stroll.We stopped into Rivoli, the sun was shining so we sat outside on the patio & people watched…Queen St is definitely the best spot with so many characters & lot`s of great fashion style, you could sit & watch for hours!
I had a glass of pink zinfandel followed by a Gado Gado Curry & my boyfriend had a local ale & Chicken Tandoori. Both dishes were so tasty.

Gado Gado Curry

Tandoori chicken

After our meal it was off to EB Games were I purchased the Wii fit balance board…..I don’t even want to think how many hours I will have to spend on it to burn off the brekkie alone!

Next it was onto our favourite coffee shop Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe where we treated ourselves to a coffee and a chocolate souffle to share…..yummy!

Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe

Chocolate Souffle

Now we`re off to meet some friends for a few drinkies & a bite to eat….I`m not feeling too hungry but I`m sure ill fit it all in somewhere….. 🙂

The Simple Life

The Cedars Cottage

I wanted to post some pics of the retro cottage myself and my friends stayed in while we were at the wedding. It was like going  back in  time, it came fully equipped with a wood burning fire, National Geographic magazines from 1974, and a funky kettle that whistles once its boiled.

The Simple Life

The Wood Burning Fire

Funky Kettle

The cottage was on a farm that overlooked the the Lake of Bays & the scenery was beautiful. We even spotted a baby deer who came by the cottage for a little nose.

If you are looking to escape from a busy city life then this is the perfect getaway location………it sums up “The Simple Life“

Lake of Bays

Lake of Bays

The Deck

The Dock

Baby Deer

Wedding in the Country

Messages for the Happy Couple

Messages for the Happy Couple

This weekend I went up north to a friends wedding.  The wedding ceremony was outdoors by the lake followed by a champagne reception and then diner & dancing. The wedding was lots of fun & just like the happy couple it was nice and chilled.

The highlights – The Message Line (see pic above) pieces of paper & pen were pegged on the line & guests wrote the happy couple messages such a nice touch. Music – The dancefloor was never empty. The Crepe Station – a chef made up fresh crepes with your choice of fillings, I had my fav grand marnier, chocolate, fresh strawberries & cream for dessert. The Camp Fire – after the reception a fire was lit outside & the party moved outdoors with guitars & singing.



Sun Sets over the Lake

Weekend at the Cottage

Muskoka Lakes

My boyfriend and I spent the long weekend at a friends cottage in Muskoka Lakes.  Although we didn’t get the weather we had hoped for it was a great weekend. When the sun did decide to make an appearance our friends took us out on the boat. Some folks tried their hand at wakeboarding but the weather conditions made it very tough.


Some folks were old-pro’s!

The Pro - Wakeboarding in choppy conditions

I on the other-hand chickened out and decided to go for a little tour around the Lakes on the Jet Ski instead.

Taking the easier option on the Jet Ski

Our friends had close to twenty guests at the cottage and everyone arrived armed with lots of food and drink. We all brought a meal to cook, so as you can imagine it was non-stop eating all weekend!

Homemade Pizza

The kitchen was always in use once someone had finished serving brekkie, the next group were in to make a start on lunch. Some of my favorites meals…..eggs and pea-meal bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, homemade pizzas, the cold meat & cheese selection, spaghetti bolognese with home-made garlic bread.

But the highlight for me and my boyfriend was on the last night… We ate peaches & cream corn on the cobs that were cooked on the open fire and our first ever BBQ beer-Can chicken. I have to say it was so yummy!

Prepping the Beer-Can Chicken

T-Dah BBQ Beer-Can Chicken

We spent a lot of time down at the boat house, the deck opened up onto the lake & it also had a hot tub so needless to say it was a popular hang-out spot for all the guests!!

The Boat House

The last evening we lit up a fire in the fire pit in the the garden & we ate and drank into the wee hours of the morning!

View of the Sun Setting from the deck

On the road home - Cottage Country letter boxes

It was a perfect way to spend the long weekend but now its back to reality….

What is your perfect way to spend a long weekend?