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Perfect Little Parcels

The contents of our post box is usually pretty uneventful just the usual junk mail, bills & catalogue magazines, the kind of stuff that ends up going straight into the recycling bin…..To my surprise last week was an exception, I found our mail box packed full of treats that made my week!

Wedding Thank You cards from Our Friends

My Urban Outfitters Package – I saw these Antique Door Knobs ages ago in the Queen St shop & since then I regretted not purchasing them. When I saw them online & for sale I couldn’t resist.
I haven’t yet decided whether to use them for hanging my jewelery or as curtain tie-backs in the bedroom….either way I’m so happy to finally have them.

I added these beautiful earrings to my UO order & I wore them this weekend

My 2nd Controller for the Wii finally arrived – my boyfriend & I can now play against each other……let the games begin!!


The Creative Cook

Lucky for me my boyfriend loves to cook, and you will hear no complaints from me! Don’t get me wrong I can cook & sometimes I even enjoy it……but for me to get into the kitchen & cook something special, the conditions need to be right!

For me to cook I need,

1. Time
2. A clean kitchen
3. All the necessary ingredients & utensils must be right at hand (no last minute trip to the shop involved)

Creative Cooking - "Whatever is left in the fridge"

I can go into the kitchen in search for something to cook for  diner, and unsuccessfully announce that there is nothing there “Presses are empty…we need to go to the shop”. My boyfriend on the other-hand can walk into the very same kitchen (that has little to no food) & come out with a beautiful tasty meal cooked in no time!  He is a creative cook and tonight he didn’t disappoint. He made a beautiful diner called “Whatever is left in the fridge” AKA Chicken & Rasher/Bacon with egg fried rice (which was our left-over rice)….creative & resourceful!

The Simple Life

The Cedars Cottage

I wanted to post some pics of the retro cottage myself and my friends stayed in while we were at the wedding. It was like going  back in  time, it came fully equipped with a wood burning fire, National Geographic magazines from 1974, and a funky kettle that whistles once its boiled.

The Simple Life

The Wood Burning Fire

Funky Kettle

The cottage was on a farm that overlooked the the Lake of Bays & the scenery was beautiful. We even spotted a baby deer who came by the cottage for a little nose.

If you are looking to escape from a busy city life then this is the perfect getaway location………it sums up “The Simple Life“

Lake of Bays

Lake of Bays

The Deck

The Dock

Baby Deer

Weekend at the Cottage

Muskoka Lakes

My boyfriend and I spent the long weekend at a friends cottage in Muskoka Lakes.  Although we didn’t get the weather we had hoped for it was a great weekend. When the sun did decide to make an appearance our friends took us out on the boat. Some folks tried their hand at wakeboarding but the weather conditions made it very tough.


Some folks were old-pro’s!

The Pro - Wakeboarding in choppy conditions

I on the other-hand chickened out and decided to go for a little tour around the Lakes on the Jet Ski instead.

Taking the easier option on the Jet Ski

Our friends had close to twenty guests at the cottage and everyone arrived armed with lots of food and drink. We all brought a meal to cook, so as you can imagine it was non-stop eating all weekend!

Homemade Pizza

The kitchen was always in use once someone had finished serving brekkie, the next group were in to make a start on lunch. Some of my favorites meals…..eggs and pea-meal bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, homemade pizzas, the cold meat & cheese selection, spaghetti bolognese with home-made garlic bread.

But the highlight for me and my boyfriend was on the last night… We ate peaches & cream corn on the cobs that were cooked on the open fire and our first ever BBQ beer-Can chicken. I have to say it was so yummy!

Prepping the Beer-Can Chicken

T-Dah BBQ Beer-Can Chicken

We spent a lot of time down at the boat house, the deck opened up onto the lake & it also had a hot tub so needless to say it was a popular hang-out spot for all the guests!!

The Boat House

The last evening we lit up a fire in the fire pit in the the garden & we ate and drank into the wee hours of the morning!

View of the Sun Setting from the deck

On the road home - Cottage Country letter boxes

It was a perfect way to spend the long weekend but now its back to reality….

What is your perfect way to spend a long weekend?