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Rain Rain Go Away

Well it’s started & there’s no sign of stopping, it has been raining for hours now. Rain – a well known enemy for most women out there, especially for me as I live downtown…hence I’m car-less, & as I’m car-less I walk everywhere…so there’s no escape !

To prevent myself from turning into one soggy & fuzz-haired gal, I need to arm myself with all outerwear essentials to keep me warm, dry & of course protect mo gruaig (Irish meaning – My hair).

Outerwear Essentials;
Mango – Trench Coat Chooka –Rain Boots H&M – Fedora Urban Outfitters – Clear Bubble Umbrella


New Shoe Love

Yesterday I took a wander down Queen St for some breakfast – one thing led to another & all of a sudden I was Shopping! I should have known better, walking by Urban Outfitters, H&M & Zara & not stopping in for a browse is simply impossible. However I think it worked out pretty well, I found these Black Platform Sandals in Zara & the best part – they were On Sale….How I love to get a bargain
Hat – Urban Outfitters, Dress – H&M, Knee Socks – Avoca

My First Shoe Love

My boyfriend is puzzled by my collectamania of Shoes, I try to explain to him that its not a “condition“  that I suffer from. It is in fact Shoe Love.  Something that not a lot of guys understand, but us Ladies are born with it, Shoe Love is part of our DNA.

I remember my first Shoe Love I was seven & they were the “Princess shoes“  as I called them… Otherwise known as Magic steps by Clarks, most famous for the mysterious key on the sole. Well I was mesmerized, so much detail and fun in a little shoe.  Every time I saw the ad on TV I wanted them more and more, I wanted to be the princess and I wanted to have that key! I would torment my poor parents for weeks on end to buy them for me.

I never did get the “Princess shoes“ but the Love of Shoes was born and it`s been a roller-coaster of ride since! Stay tuned for more Shoe Love tales & take a quick peek at the clever advert that sparked the obsession!

An 80`s classic – I love the ending a little creepy! 🙂

Do you remember “Magic shooooes?”