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Random Sayings

Isn’t funny how some of us have random sayings that we use in daily life.

For us who use these random sayings and those close to us, they just slot into our conversations naturally, its part of our lingo. Myself and my friends will randomly drop in the word “Betty” when we are speaking to each other, which may sound odd but to us its completely normal.

However for people outside of the group they can become lost in translation! My Mam has to be the best, she has so many quirky little sayings. Only the other day I said to my boyfriend “We’ll do a quick scooby doo & then we’ll head out?” He fell about the place in a fit of laughter, thinking that “scooby doo” was some kind of cockney London phrase for…well something that is frankly too rude to mention! But you get the drift.

Little did he know that a quick “scooby doo” when translated from my Mams own language to English actually means a quick tidy up. Needless to say we both cracked up laughing at the confusion…and the “scooby doo” was put on the long finger  🙂

Let me know some phrases you use or you have heard?