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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Friday couldn’t have come any sooner……it was so nice to wrap a long work week with a few beers on the patio of Hey Lucy’s. Who knew it would hit 21 degrees this Thanksgiving weekend.

This will be our 3rd Thanksgiving in Canada, myself & my boyfriend are planning on marking the occasion by attempting to cook up a proper Thanksgiving dinner – Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Pumpkin Pie…the works.

Let’s hope us Irish can pull it off!

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever your plans & Happy Thanks Giving to all the Canadians out there


Saturday Night Sushi

After a few “quiet” drinks with friends on Friday night, turned into a mini pub crawl followed by after pub drinks on their front porch at 3am! My Saturday was needless to say pretty much a write-off! No way were either of us able to cook.

So in our hung-over state myself and my boyfriend went out to HoSu Sushi on Queen St for diner. I love this casual bistro, it’s always busy & has a warm welcoming atmosphere. Each time I go I make sure to try something new. As they also specialize in Japanese & Korean cuisine, there is so much to choose from. I decided to go with Dolsot Beef Bibim Bop & a California roll to share with the boyf. While he went with a Sushi & Sashimi combination.

Both meals were yummy & true to form our eyes were bigger than our bellies & too much was ordered but as I always say waste not want not! I brought home my left-over Beef Bibim Bop home &  we enjoyed it today.

We finished off our night with a quick pit-stop to Wanda’s Cafe, where my boyfriend managed to take a sneaky pic.

Black on the Red Carpet

Black Leather Jacket, Skinny Jeans & Scarf Urban Outfitters
Black Clutch Bag – Marc Jacobs, Knee High Leather Boots – Browns

Here`s a funny picture my boyfriend took on my birthday night, as we were walking home from diner we noticed the red carpet & press walk for the Toronto International Film Festival was still standing! So needless to say I couldn’t resist jumping on to get a snap!

It was actually the first time this season I wore my black knee high boots, which I love love love so I am glad they got the star treatment….even if it was only for a few minutes!

Birthday Indulgence Part Deux – The Massacre!

It was a strange first for me this morning, instead of waking with my usual post birthday nightmare alcohol fueled hangover I woke with a Food Hangover – I never thought it possible but my poor stomach feels like it has dramatically expanded overnight. Lose fitting comfy clothes an necessity today!

Ok so my Birthday Indulgence is where it all started and like any good foodoholic we persevered and kept the binge going all night! We went to Big Daddy’s Oyster bar on King St, it is unassuming from the outside.

Big Daddy's

Inside it’s decor is right from the south, as we arrived so late the dinning room was closed we took a seat in the bar in big armchairs by the fire nice cosy on a rainy nite!


Of course Oysters are the specialty however we went with the 3 – Course Lagniappe Feature Menu…bring on the challenge! Like most ladies I love choice so I always suggest myself & my boyfriend each choose a dish & share, he does not always agree but  as it was my birthday I heard no complaints 🙂


We had Pei Mussels & Popcorn Shrimp to start


Popcorn Shrimp

Demolished Mussels


Wild Shrimp Boil &  Snow Crab Boil

Snow Crab & Wild Shrimp Boil


We had Big Daddy’s Pecan Pie & Villa Ice-cream with warm chocloate sauce… tasty

Big Daddy's Pecan Pie

We were really impressed with Big Daddy’s & will definitely be back for more…as soon as we’ve digested the birthday damage that is

Birthday Indulgence

Asides from Christmas there’s no better day to indulge than your birthday! Today was pretty much a non stop binge-fest. It started early my boyfriend cooked up a full Irish breakfast…….no better way to start the day.

The full Irish

After we spent a few hours playing with my new gift the Wii, it was on to Queen St for a stroll.We stopped into Rivoli, the sun was shining so we sat outside on the patio & people watched…Queen St is definitely the best spot with so many characters & lot`s of great fashion style, you could sit & watch for hours!
I had a glass of pink zinfandel followed by a Gado Gado Curry & my boyfriend had a local ale & Chicken Tandoori. Both dishes were so tasty.

Gado Gado Curry

Tandoori chicken

After our meal it was off to EB Games were I purchased the Wii fit balance board…..I don’t even want to think how many hours I will have to spend on it to burn off the brekkie alone!

Next it was onto our favourite coffee shop Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe where we treated ourselves to a coffee and a chocolate souffle to share…..yummy!

Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe

Chocolate Souffle

Now we`re off to meet some friends for a few drinkies & a bite to eat….I`m not feeling too hungry but I`m sure ill fit it all in somewhere….. 🙂

The Bang Bang Club

Malin Akerman and Ryan Phillipe

Last night I attended the premiere of Steven Silver’s The Bang Bang Club at Roy Thompson Hall. It was showing as part of the Toronto International Film Festival, cast members Malin Akerman and Ryan Phillipe were both in attendance, Malin looked stunning wearing J.Mendel.

Malin Akerman

The Bang Bang Club was the name given to four combat photographers) Greg Marinovich (Ryan Phillippe), Kevin Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Ken Oosterbroek (Frank Rautenbach) and Joao Silva (Neels Van Jaarsveld) who captured graphic & harrowing photographs during the final years of apartheid in South Africa. The drama is based on the book of the same name, by two of those photographers Greg Marinovich and Joao Silver.

The Bang Bang Club

I thought the film would really explore the poignant & central struggles that faced South Africa during apartheid, but in reality these issues didn’t come to light in any significant shape or form. The film did expose us to many disturbing scenes, some  recreated from true events but with no lead up or follow through to the why, how & what is going on, it is hard to gain an understanding.

It was difficult to connect with the film as it jumps from these traumatic scenes to bars & nightclubs where we see the photographers drinking and socializing. Yes this is reality for these photographers, shooting horrific scenes one minute and then returning to normal daily life, but I never felt any real connection to the characters. We don’t get much insight into why they risk their lives each day to do what they do.

Ironically just as the photographers detach themselves from their chaotic surroundings, I felt detached from the characters in the film.

Malin Akerman and Ryan Phillippe

That been said it’s definitely an interesting story & the film is watchable, especially for those who have an interest in real life events or a passion for photography. It did spark my curiosity to learn more about The Bang Bang Club.

The Highlights; attending a gala premiere at Tiff, there is always a great buzz & lots of style. Seeing the cast up close & personal.  It has inspired me to buy the book and learn more about The Bang Bang Club

Pictures are linked – courtesy of Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun  & Flixster

My Favorite Furniture Find

We’ve all heard of the phrase “one mans rubbish is another mans treasure”, well I am a firm believer. I’m all for recycling, probably to the extent that I can a bit of a pain in the ass to live with….but we all know the benefits for the planet and one person can make a difference!

While out running I spotted a beautiful Tan leather recliner that someone was throwing out……..needless to say I quickly adopted the chair & it has become my favorite furniture find.

Tan Leather Chair

Keep your eye’s open people…..there’s treasure to be found