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Sights from the South of France

My first trip to the South of France & it didn’t fail to impress….

Hot Air Balloon`s drifting in the French Sky

This Picture was taken on the way from Toulouse to Auch…..The next morning I seen a similar picture in the Saturday morning newspaper

French Chef cooking up a storm

Our first night we went to a small quaint restaurant, the food kept coming on platters for all to share…my favourites…The Olives, Mussels & baby roasted potatoes…Yummy!

Field of Sunflowers

Sunflowers always remind me of the works of French Impressionist Painter Claude Monet….It`s easy to see where his inspiration came from

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie – Auch

As we were taking in the views of the Cathedral the traders of Auch were busy setting up their market stalls

Views of the Chateau


Trip Home to Ireland

Here are some of the highlights & photos from my trip home to Ireland . It was short & sweet and as always I wished I could of stayed longer! 

The Highlights;
Catching up with my family & friends, taking my dogs for a walk, an open fire, mams home cooked food, hot water bottle & daytime naps, lot’s & lot’s of Barry’s Tea, Irish TV with little to no ad breaks (commercials for any Canadians), mams fresh flowers & belated bday gifts……

Some Photos

Irish Sky Reflects on the Irish Sea

Flying into Dublin – My first glimpse of the Emerald Isle

My Mams Beautiful Roses & Fruit from my Aunts Garden

Ruby & Misty – Tuckered out after their long walk

Coco – The young one still full of energy, intrigued by the camera

The Results are In

French Breakfast in Auch (Hat & cardigan – Urban Outfitters, Tank & fringe handbag H&M, Denim skirt – Zara, Silver Bracelet & Necklace – Gift)

So I’m back from my whirlwind trip, from Toronto – Frankfurt – Ireland – France – Frankfurt – Toronto. My body is certainly feeling the effects of the travel, I have a new found respect for the contestants on “The Amazing Race”! Every minute of the journey was worth it & I promise to fill you all in with posts to follow, but first the results from The Carry on Challenge.

The Pros; No waiting for baggage, no extra baggage cost, all outfits are already picked so no time wasting, no lost baggage!

The Cons; Lugging the case around, sacrificing some outfits

The Key to Success; planning ahead,  using the black colour theme as a base,accessories & finally…booking a hair appointment  (my broken French & hand signals seemed to do the trick, as the very talented french hairdresser did a great job)

Overall Verdict – Success!

Lot’s of outfits to choose from & my wedding outfit arrived safely in one piece.

Me & The Girlies with the Fabulous Bride – (My dress – Whistles, Shoes – Aldo, Silver Bracelet – John Rocha)

The Carry-On Challenge

Proficient Packing – not a phrase you would normally associate with me…after all I am the girl who left for a year trip around Australia with a rucksack, which I packed under the influence of alcohol…an hour before I left for the airport!

However I like to think that over the years my wisdom of worldly travel has advanced, so much so that I now consider myself a Proficient Packer! So much so that I have undertaken the ultimate packing challenge…5 days & a wedding outfit all in a carry on! I have two days at home in Ireland & then 3 days in France for the wedding & let me tell you, I ain’t running the risk of losing my bag…na hah not gonna happen!

This project calls on all my skills & my lessons learned from previous disasters!

Obviously the wedding outfit had to go in neatly with the clutch bag, shawl & shoes I guess I saved some space by putting the jewelry into the clutch bag!

So here it goes;

1. Outfit planning – pick a colour theme & a outfit staple. Mine….no surprise is black….skinny jeans & my shoe love..knee high Boots(which have a tiny heel very practical) I’m also wearing them on the plane to save space.

2. For a brand new outfit for each day I packed some accessories Scarves, jewelry, belts & a combo of cami/tanks/long sleeve tops (rolled take up little to no space used). Also I added a pair of ballerina flats & gladiator flat scandals again light, small & add variety.

Here are the some of necklace choices…which ones to bring??

3. Necessities; Black leather bolero type jacket, light but still a jacket all the same! Charger for my phone (personal), blackberry (work), camera!

4. Cosmetics – ok so we all know they weigh the most! I always keep samples & testers, rob my hotel supply whenever I get the chance! For those special items like my leave in hair treatment I have the reusable containers all less than 100mls and they come with labels!

5. Roll clothes that you can! Put items in your shoes leave no space empty! To make more room available for point 2

6. I am also wearing a hoody and I have a woolly pair of socks in my hand-bag for the flight.

Of course I had to sacrifice some items in the name of space-saving!! But I think in the end my choices will be for every scenario…I hope!! No going back now as I’m on the way to the airport!! 🙂

Let me know your traveling tips!

Birthday Wish List

Wish list for my my birthday tomorrow – one exotic holiday would be nice!

Bora Bora