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Happy Arthur Guinness Day

Today September 23rd is Arthur Guinness Day, 251 years ago today Arthur Guinness signed the 9000 year lease at James Gate Dublin (The home of Guinness). To honour the Irish hero Arthur, the historic day & famous Pint parties have been set up world-wide to celebrate! Without a shadow of a doubt I know that the partying in Ireland today/tonight will not be matched in any other location.

Pubs across the country organised a Toast at 17.59 exactly followed by live music & lots & lots of Guinness.  Top musical acts such as The Script, Snow Patrol & Paolo Nutini performing to mark the occasion. The icing on the cake/or the creamy head on your Guinness is that all money raised will go to the Arthur Guinness Fund. There has even been talk of trying to make Arthur Guinness Day an national holiday & you will hear no complaints from me!

The Script - Dublin

Today my facebook news feed page is awash with celebration plans from family & friends the length & breath of the country! It’s one of those days I wish I was at home. But we played our part too this side of the Atlantic…myself and my boyfriend went to our local Irish Bar (downtown Toronto) & although they hadn’t heard about Arthur Guinness day they kindly gave us a pint each on the house to Toast!

So here’s to Arthur & many more years of the Black Stuff!

Check out (here) for more details on the days events & the story of Arthur Guinness