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Bright Lights City Night

Hat & Tank – Urban Outfitters, Faux Fur Jacket, Leather Leggings & Ring – Forever 21, Shoes – Zara, Clutch Bag – Marc Jacobs -Watch – Guess, Bracelets & Silver Rings – Gifted John Rocha

After 2 & 1/2 yrs of city living it is still a novelty for me! I love it for many reasons – everything is at your doorstep, shops, bars, restaurants – no matter what time of day or night the city is always buzzing with festivals, gigs & shows – I love the various street styles – preppy downtown & boho chic on Queen St – I love the mix of cultures, you can visit little Italy, China town & Greek town all in one day – Vintage shops a plenty – The Cityscape, my favourite time is at night when it’s all lit up, absolutely stunning. I wore this outfit to my boyfriends 30th birthday over the weekend, a fun outfit for a fun night out on the town!


It’s a Plaid Fad

Shirt – Guess, Tank – H&M, Hat – Vintage, Jeans – Urban Outfitters, Boots – Browns

It’s funny when I think of plaid shirts my mind always flicks back to the early 90s when I was Plaid Shirt Obsessed…..I specifically remember rummaging through my mam & aunts old clothes in my grandparents house & finding a great 70s plaid shirt….I thought all my Christmas’s had come at once, although I don’t think my folks too keen as I wore it to death!……I bought this shirt last year & it’s perfect for winter, warm & comfy with a pop of colour. The hat – I bought in Kensington Market as part of my boyfriends Halloween costume….I’m not the kind of girl who lets a good hat go to waste!

A Little Online Splurge

The weekend has finally arrived….and here’s a little treat from Urban Outfitters, free shipping on purchases over $75…..So this weekend i’ll be doing a little online splurge! Also planned – a short trip to Niagara Falls with our visitors & Diner & Drinks! I Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Wardrobe Transition

High Waisted Shorts & Blouse – Zara, Shoes – Nine West, Bracelets – Aldo, Headband – Urban Outfitter, Ring – Forever 21

Following on from my post Sequins on Saturday – I decided it was time to do a Autumn/Fall clean up of my wardrobe. I wouldn’t class myself as a hoarder by any means but let’s just say I don’t part easily with my clothes! So as you can imagine I spent most of yesterday evening sorting through clothes, shoes, bags, belts & lots of other hidden items at the back of my closet….

I organised everything into 3 categories
1. Keepers
2. Charity
3. Summer clothes for storage

By the time I was finished my wardrobe was completely made-over! I’ve lots of free space for new pieces & I didn’t waste anytime hitting the shops……my fav finds are these high waisted shorts & 70’s style blouse from Zara

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Sequins on Saturday

Sequin Jacket – Silence & Noise, Shoes & Top – Zara, Jeans & Fedora – Urban Outfitters, Ring – Forever 21, Bracelets – Gifts

I could describe myself as a Magpie – in that I like anything that sparkles! Needless to say when the Sun made a welcomed appearance this weekend I pulled out this Silver Sequin Jacket, it has been hidden in the depths of my wardrobe….I should clarify when I say hidden – not because of my large Carrie-esque wardrobe – but more like the fact I live in a small downtown condo & just as downtown realty is in demand so is every inch of my wardrobe! So from time to time some of my clothes go MIA!…..But now that this Sequin Jacket has made The Great Escape, I’m determined to wear it more often

The Results are In

French Breakfast in Auch (Hat & cardigan – Urban Outfitters, Tank & fringe handbag H&M, Denim skirt – Zara, Silver Bracelet & Necklace – Gift)

So I’m back from my whirlwind trip, from Toronto – Frankfurt – Ireland – France – Frankfurt – Toronto. My body is certainly feeling the effects of the travel, I have a new found respect for the contestants on “The Amazing Race”! Every minute of the journey was worth it & I promise to fill you all in with posts to follow, but first the results from The Carry on Challenge.

The Pros; No waiting for baggage, no extra baggage cost, all outfits are already picked so no time wasting, no lost baggage!

The Cons; Lugging the case around, sacrificing some outfits

The Key to Success; planning ahead,  using the black colour theme as a base,accessories & finally…booking a hair appointment  (my broken French & hand signals seemed to do the trick, as the very talented french hairdresser did a great job)

Overall Verdict – Success!

Lot’s of outfits to choose from & my wedding outfit arrived safely in one piece.

Me & The Girlies with the Fabulous Bride – (My dress – Whistles, Shoes – Aldo, Silver Bracelet – John Rocha)